Corona Update


At InterAcc Online, we believe that SMME's are the heart, lungs and bloodflow of the economy. We have positioned our product offering to provide maximum value to this market:-

Accounting software-

  • Sage Business Cloud (SaaS)
  • Sage 50C Partner & Xpress (On-premise)

e-Commerce enablement-

  • Sage Online Tools - content management system
  • Netcash - secure payment portal

Ancillary Products -

  • Fixed Assets Management Software (Stand-alone)
  • CRM software

At InterAcc Online we have a highly flexible approach to implementation: due to the long history Pastel Partner & Xpress has in our marketplace, it is understood that many clients are able or even intent on a hands-on involvement in the implementation of the software. We willingly accommodate such involvement in our pricing structure.

Our product knowledge and training certification allows us to provide both 'just enough, just in time' training, or fully certified training, in line with the requirements of each individual client.

InterAcc Online does not limit its contribution to the economy to clients who want to purchase software or other products - we believe that often the most immediate value one can add is by providing insight in business processes and 'best practice' application of the software. For this reason we are available to consult in our specific areas of expertise:-

  • Inventory Management
  • Debtors Management
  • Fixed Assets Management
  • Payroll Administration