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Exciting new features in Intelligence Reporting (Evolution) - InterAcc Online Exciting new features in Intelligence Reporting (Evolution) - InterAcc Online

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Exciting new features in Intelligence Reporting (Evolution)

4th March 2015 | Comments (0) | InterAcc Blog

Exciting new features in Intelligence Reporting (Evolution)

Almost every 21st  century business with success in its sghts are continuously looking for moden and improved  ways to improve all aspects of management, from day-to-day operations to strategic planning. You can bet your competitors are trying to do things better. Is your business doing everything it can to compete?

The key to good business strategy is having the highest quality information available, in an easy-to-understand form. Industries have already recognized that data warehousing is a powerful way to accomplish this.

Some of the exciting usability and performance enhancements to look forward to in the latest release of Sage Pastel Evolution Intelligence Reporting include:

More control over your financial reports

The new Report Designer (previously known as the BIC Excel Genie) boasts a fresh new user interface, and has vast improvements in performance through its powerful new In-Memory technology*, giving you a quick and responsive experience when designing reports in the familiar interface of Microsoft® Excel®.
The new Report Designer gives you two methods to create your financial reports depending on your Excel knowledge.

Layout Generator

The Layout Generator, is easy to use and automates the design and generation of simple financial report layouts quickly and accurately within Excel. If you’re still getting used to Excel, the Layout Generator provides you with a set of standard financial layouts to
get you up and running immediately and these can then be edited to suit your unique requirements.

The generated layouts have also been given a cleaner look and feel and are now easier to customize using the Task Pane once your layout
is created.

Another fantastic feature of the Layout Generator is Row Sets*. Row Sets allow users to create a grouping of accounts that will be
displayed as a single row in a report. These Row Sets allow users to create “categories” of accounts that can be used repetitively, making
the creation of reports that much quicker and easier for you.

Row Sets can be created using fixed account types, or if you would like the added flexibility you can fully customise which account
numbers make up a row set.

Task Pane

If you’re more familiar with Excel, the new Task Pane greatly enhances your Excel reporting experience, by providing instant and dynamic
access to data within the General Ledger. Simply drag in data lists, formulas, or Reporting Trees from the Task Pane on the right hand side
of the Excel window and the In-Memory technology will update results instantaneously. You can also change the level of detail seen at a
row level by using account ranges, account wildcards and account exclusions giving you maximum control and flexibility over your financial report layouts.

Missing Reports

Intelligence Reporting has introduced a new feature which allows you to view the accounts that are missing from your entire report or from
the current layout compared to the accounts that exist in the general ledger which has been retrieved by the In-Memory database.

Once a selection has been made, a message will appear keeping the user informed as to whether missing accounts where found, or if there are no accounts missing.

Latest Microsoft Excel technology

Intelligence is now compatible with the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Excel 2007, 2010, and 2013 to allow you to take full advantage of the
latest Microsoft Excel functionality.

Enhanced User Experience

Easy access to commonly used features

The Report Manager and Connector modules boasts a new ribbon feature with informative icons and labels for each function, aiding the
user in easily identifying and accessing the features that they require. Menu items have been restructured and grouped and the more
commonly used menu items are now accessible from the Home and Help tabs.

Simplified Right-click Menu

The Right-click menus in the Report Manager have been simplified to provide the user with a more concise list of options as well as option
labels that are more informative.

  • The Right-click options “Run Sample” and “Refresh” on the Report Context right-click Menu have been removed and are now
    accessible in the Report Manager Ribbon via the Home tab.
  • The Labels ‘Create and Link Template’ and ‘Purge Instance History’ have been replaced by less technical, and therefore more easily
    understandable, labels of ‘Save Excel Template’ and ‘Clear Report History’ respectively.

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