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Payroll Outsourcing Solutions

Outsource your Payroll Administration to your trusted service provider, InterAcc

Payroll administration is becoming more and more difficult to manage and master due to uncontrollable factors such as complicated tax laws, customized salary structures and complex payroll systems. These challenges do not relieve the pressure from the employer and employees to process payroll in time and accurate with ease of access to current and historical payroll records, payslips and statutory documents. The reality is that month-end is demanding enough on the administration departments without adding payroll into the mix.

Policies and legislation govern the workforce administration and compensation process that has turned into a tedious, difficult area left unattended or under attended for most businesses. Many enterprises, be it small, medium or large have valid concerns that their payroll is not accurate and does not comply with current legislation. These enterprises focus a substantial allocation of resources and energy on payroll instead of focussing these on other core areas of their business. Thankfully InterAcc Online is offering an effective and efficient way of helping businesses with the administration nightmares of their payroll service. The service we refer to is our Payroll Outsourcing and Payroll Administration.

InterAcc Payroll Outsourcing Processes

Clients are able to sit back as InterAcc will assist with the following processes related to our Payroll Outsourcing and Payroll Administration services:

  • Load all employee payroll information onto Pastel Partner Payroll.
  • Structuring of the employee salaries and tax advice.
  • Processing weekly, bi-weekly and / or monthly payroll runs complying with tax legislation and company policies.
  • Supply the client with a bank transfer file for each payroll.
  • Supply client with the correct information needed to make payment of the statutory EMP201, UIF, SDL and PAYE returns.
  • Supply employees with payslips in a protected and confidential format.
  • Records employee leave on the InterAcc payroll system.
  • Generate IRP5 / IT(3)a reports for the employee and the employer at year-end after submission to SARS.
  • Supply client with monthly management, statutory and payroll reports including the EMP 201 return.

All of the above responsibilities are done with professionalism, the utmost confidentially and based on terms agreed in a formal SLA (Service Level Agreement). By InterAcc offering to take care of the above it saves the client working capital, as the cost to purchase license fees, programmes and updates has been removed. There is also a labour cost saving as your accounting arm is no longer required to have its own Payroll Administrator.

InterAcc professional payroll outsourcing services benefit our SME and larger enterprise customers:

How will you benefit from our payroll outsourcing services irrespective of the size of your business?

  • No annual license fees (ALF) for your payroll software solution needed.
  • Up to date with legislative payroll practices.
  • Confidentiality of your payroll (not done in-house).
  • Cost saving on consultation and training fees.
  • Tax year-end process done for you.
  • Statutory reports and submissions on your behalf as per SARS legislation.
  • Payslips (password protected) available online and sent to your Inbox.
  • Sage Pastel Payroll is used in our own business and comes recommended by most financial advisors in South Africa.
  • We offer personalised, professional and efficient payroll services to your business allowing you to focus on your core-business.

Payroll Software provided by Sage Pastel Payroll

InterAcc makes use of Sage Pastel Payroll software to administer your payroll and can also provide an online interactive employee self-service tool (ESS) if included in the agreement that serves as a solution to bridge the gap between your HR department and the employee. With our award-winning ESS system, employees are able to:

  • Apply for leave online.
  • Submit their official travel claims.
  • Update any personal information.
  • Access and download payroll documents such as previous payslips, statutory records, leave history and travel claims.

To get more information regarding the payroll software that we use to administer your payroll outsourcing requirements, contact InterAcc for more information or click on this link to view a demo of your future payroll solution.

Why you have no other option but to outsource your payroll administration to InterAcc

By outsourcing your payroll administration to a trusted service provider, you will benefit financially through cost savings, comply with tax and labour laws, have satisfied employees with regards to their salary administration and experience the deserved peace of mind. With us taking the full responsibility to administer your payroll, you as the business owner, HR director, Financial director or administration manager are freed up to focus on your main business at hand without any payroll worries.

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