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Sage Pastel Accounting Solutions



Managing the financial affairs of any enterprise be it a small, medium or large business is a critical task to keep all stakeholders satisfied, each for their own reasons. The stakeholders affected by an enterprise’s financial affairs range from the customer to the supplier or service partner, owners or investors to the employees and lastly equally important the authorities.

Sage Evolution, Sage Pastel Partner, Sage Pastel Xpress and Sage One Accounting are the leading accounting and financial software solutions used by South African businesses. The choice of the accounting software offered by Sage Pastel depends on the size of the business and the unique requirements. All these Pastel accounting software solutions come loaded with the essential and value added features and capabilities to make it easier for accountants, financial managers, financial executives and business owners alike to meet their mandate as financial officer of any business.

In the case of a small business owner, the need for a reliable accounting software package is as critical as a large enterprise. With the accounting and financial management responsibilities adding pressure to the business owner due to higher restrictions on resources, the responsible business owner cannot afford to manage their financial affairs without the suitable Sage Pastel accounting solution. The small business owner faces numerous challenges to manage various areas of the business while keeping the finances secure and growing. Focusing all their time on managing finances will lead to neglect of other vital business functionalities like sales, production, service levels and growth. Financials can be effectively kept in check with the help of the best accounting software developed by Sage Pastel.

Sage One Accounting by Sage Pastel

Small business owners, part time SME and freelancers

The innovative Sage One online accounting software solution keeps track of your sales, purchases, inventory, customers, suppliers and cash movements. The simple, secure Sage One online accounting software and mobile application developed by Sage Pastel is a must-have financial tool for any start-up or small business owner.

Features such as the seamless integration with your accountant, invoicing in the cloud with your mobile app or online through your Sage One profile was never easier. The customisable dashboard offers you continuous access to your management and financial information to track your business’s performance on an hourly basis if this is your need.

Sage One offers more innovative features apart from the standard online accounting software in the cloud that include the ability to manage your To-Do list from within your Sage One portal, drilling down to detailed information on your suppliers, customers and inventory online. Other features from Sage One also include the functionality to invoice your customers on the go from your online Sage One portal or from your mobile via the SagaOne mobile app, manage your bank accounts, enable Automatic Bank Statement Feeds and integrate your Sage One Accounting with your Sage One Payroll profile.

More reasons to consider Sage One Accounting software:

  • No installation hassles – you can simply login and begin your work.
  • No upgrades – you’ll automatically be working on the latest version of accounting software.
  • No data security hassles – your data is always safe and secure hosted in the world class Sage Pastel data centres.
  • Accessibility – invite your accountant as a user. They can simply login at their convenience – any time and from anywhere looking at the perfectly synced records processed by your bookkeeper or accountant.
  • Free feature updates, unlimited transactions and no set-up costs or monthly contracts.
  • Manage your customer invoices, receipts, supplier invoices, returns, and payments.
  • Manage items purchased, sold and returned.
  • View reports and send customer statements.
  • Security with always-on backups.

Sage Pastel Xpress Start-Up and Sage Pastel Xpress

Start-up and Small businesses

The Sage Pastel Xpress accounting software offers unlimited company license but is limited to a single user. User licenses for Xpress can go up to 3 user licenses with additional user licenses purchased from your Sage Pastel business partner such as InterAcc Online. Xpress allows users to process previous and current financial years securely storing 5 years of transactional data. The Sage Pastel Xpress software comes included with the General Ledger with the capability to configure up to 30 cash books.

Other valuable features included in Sage Pastel Xpress include the ability to create customizable templates (invoices, sales orders, purchase orders etc), track inventory with ease, create and manage suppliers and customers, manage and customize purchase orders, quotes and invoices, add extra modules as and when required and use the intuitive interface to perform tasks. Sage Pastel Xpress comes with 30 day free support from Sage Pastel upon registration.

More reasons to consider Sage Pastel Xpress Accounting software:

  • General ledger, inventory and Microsoft® integration.
  • Customer, supplier, tax and cash book processing.
  • Financial and tax reports (drill down functionality).
  • A selection of add-on modules.

For additional support options offered through Sage Pastel and InterAcc Online, contact us here.

Sage Pastel Partner Advantage

Small to medium-sized businesses

Sage Pastel Partner accounting software, formerly known as Pastel Partner accounting software is powerful accounting software that simplifies financial tasks for small and medium businesses. This leading accounting software is popular and compliments Sage Pastel Xpress and Sage Evolution in terms of flexibility, innovative features and user friendliness. Sage Pastel Partner can be used by multiple users and also in a multi-company environment. All Sage Pastel accounting software solutions are known for speedy processing of data with Partner scoring high with this capability. As your businesses grows and expands, Sage Pastel Partner enables your business to keep up with the growth with its optional add-on modules to the standard Partner accounting package.

Some of the resources offered by Partner through additional modules from Sage Pastel include Bill of Materials, Bank Manager, Multi-Warehousing, Multi-Currency, Debtors Manager, Pastel Business Intelligence Centre, Time and Billing, Receipting, POS or Point of Sale, Serial number tracking and Evolution Fixed Assets.

More reasons to consider Sage Pastel Partner Accounting software:

  • General ledger, inventory, and Microsoft® integration.
  • Customer, supplier, tax and cash book processing.
  • Financial and tax reports (drill down functionality).
  • Cost codes.
  • Stocktake and re-order assistants.
  • Automatic bank feeds with Bank Manager.
  • Sage Pastel BIC allows for flexible Excel-based financial reporting.

Sage Evolution

Medium to large-sized businesses

Of the three main accounting software solutions from Sage Pastel, Sage Evolution is considered to be the most cost effective and smart solution for the complex medium or large business enterprise. Sage Evolution is offered in two versions namely Sage Evolution Standard or Sage Evolution Premium. For more information between the two Sage Evolution offerings, read more here.

Using the Sage Evolution accounting software, business owners can get a comprehensive picture of what is going on with their financial and operational affairs. The holistic view of the larger business operation offered by this solution allows all stakeholders to manage and monitor their business from a position of strength. Apart from controlling the financial situation, Sage Evolution ERP solution also monitor’s the company’s relationship with suppliers, customers and employees.

Offering a consistent user experience, Sage Evolution accounting modules are ordered in addition to the base package. The maintenance and software upgrade features of these additional modules are also added to the annual renewal fee. Sage Evolution offers up to 1000 users and unlimited number of companies that can be configures with this solution. It also comes with optimum customer and technical support through a comprehensive certification program supported by Sage business partners such as InterAcc Online. For fast growing businesses, Sage Evolution is the ideal choice as it offers a comprehensive functionality to address many aspects of the business.

Sage Evolution offers a comprehensive set of add-on modules that can be ordered from InterAcc Online that include Bank Statement Manager, Bill of Materials, Sage Intelligence Reporting, Debtors Manager, Fixed Assets, Multi Currency, Multi Warehousing, Pricing Matrix, Sage Evolution CRM Standard, Serial Number Tracking, Voucher Management, Quote on Air and Business Gateway.

More reasons to consider Sage Evolution Accounting software:

  • Medium to large-sized businesses.
  • General ledger and cash book.
  • Accounts receivable and payable.
  • Inventory control and invoicing.
  • Import cost allocations.
  • Project tracking.
  • Sales and purchase order entry.
  • Report writer and stationery customisation.

For more information or to order these award-winning accounting software solutions developed by Sage Pastel, contact InterAcc Online here.

Sage Pastel Accounting Add-On Modules

Add-on Modules for Sage Pastel Xpress:
Excel Management Reports for Sage Pastel Xpress, Point of Sale & Bank Manager.

Add-on Modules for Sage Pastel Partner:
Business Intelligence Centre, Point of Sale, Fixed Assets, Bill of Materials, Serial Number Tracking, Multi-Store, ACT!, Receipting, Time and Billing, Debtors Manager, Bank Manager, Multi-Currency & Project Tracker.

Add-on Modules for Sage Evolution Accounting:

Sage Evolution CRM Standard, Sage Evolution CRM Premium, Fixed Assets*, Business Intelligence Centre, Multi-Currency, Serial Number Tracking, Lot Tracking, Job Costing, Bill of Materials, Manufacturing, Multi-Warehousing, Point-of-Sale, Retail Point-of-Sale, Mobile, Pricing Matrix, Customer Account Consolidations, Annuity Billing, Customer Credit Risk Management, E-Business & E-Billing, Procurement**, Information Alerts, Bank Manager, Payroll and HR*, Debtors Manager, Municipal Billing, Branch Accounting, Business Gateway, Delivery Management, Voucher Management.* These modules can be purchased as stand alone applications. ** Requires Sage Evolution CRM Premuim module.

For more information or to order these award-winning accounting software solutions developed by Sage Pastel, contact InterAcc Online here.